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As a society we have an addiction to coffee; from corporate chains to local cafés we can’t get enough. On average we consume 70 million cups of coffee a day! Most of the waste coffee then ends up in a landfill where it goes on to produce methane.

By processing the coffee waste, we can use it as a substrate for delicious mushrooms. We can get fresh organic food grown rat home and stop the used coffee from ever becoming rubbish. After the mushrooms have finished growing – you can use the coffee as a soil conditioner and it will get on particularly well with your tomato plants.

Good for you, good for the planet.

Once operational - you will be able to order your very own kit  and prepare to impress your dinner guests, because in 4 easy steps you will be harvesting your own mushrooms!

I. Soak overnight

Make an incision into the plastic bag and soak it for 12-15 hours in cold water.

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What is Mush+?

II. Drain & squeeze

III. Spray  daily

IV. Harvest

Drain the water and gently squeeze the excess. Position the kit back in the box. Place in a cool spot out of direct sunlight.

Spray the opening at least twice a day for about two weeks.


The first mushrooms should appear about a week in and then double in size for 4-6 days.

Once the mushrooms have grown and the caps have turned up they can be harvested by gently twisting the bouquets from the substrate.

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